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With this simple method, the Comparable module can provide the other basic comparison operators and between . Create your own class to try it out:

class Song include Comparable attr_accessor :length def <=>(other) @length <=> other.length end def initialize(song_name, length) @song_name = song_name


@length = length end end a = Song.new('Rock around the clock', 143) b = Song.new('Bohemian Rhapsody', 544) c = Song.new('Minute Waltz', 60)

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In order to avoid the cumbersome code of the preceding example, it would be useful to be able to do something like this: x = 1 while x <= 100: print x x += 1 Now, how do you do that in Python You guessed it you do it just like that. Not that complicated is it You could also use a loop to ensure that the user enters a name, as follows: name = '' while not name: name = raw_input('Please enter your name: ') print 'Hello, %s!' % name Try running this, and then just pressing the Enter key when asked to enter your name: the question appears again because name is still an empty string, which evaluates to false.

Here are the results of including the Comparable module:

in function to a reinforcing backdrop while you verbally explain the point in more detail over the next minute.

a.between (b,c)

You can compare the songs as if you re comparing numbers. Technically, you are. By implementing the <=> method on the Song class, individual song objects can be compared directly, and you use their lengths to do so. You could have implemented <=> to compare by the length of the song title, or any other attribute, if you wished.

Life would be easy if you could choose any graphics to add to your slides, but unfortunately there is the matter of aesthetics how your audience thinks your graphics look You might personally prefer the style or composition of a particular graphic, but in truth, it doesn t matter as much what you think as what your audience thinks For better or worse, your aesthetic choices can present a major obstacle to communication if you don t get them right You can create a clear underlying structure in your story template, but if people are paying attention to what they see as your bad choice of graphics, they re not paying attention to your message Not only is effective learning at stake, but also your credibility In the days before PowerPoint, you established credibility through your verbal introduction, your ideas, your authority, and your physical appearance.

Tip What would happen if you entered just a space character as your name Try it. It is accepted because a string with one space character is not empty, and therefore not false. This is definitely a flaw in our little program, but easily corrected: just change while not name to while not name or name.isspace(), or, perhaps, while not name.strip().

Modules give you the same ability to implement similar generic sets of functionality that you can then apply to arbitrary classes. For example, you could create a module that implements longest and shortest methods that could be included into Array, Hash, or other classes, and returns the longest or shortest string in a list.

In a previous example, I demonstrated how you can use modules to define namespaces using the following code:

Now, with PowerPoint, you have an additional need to establish a visual credibility without it, you and your presentation will be perceived as amateurish and without substance Because the beauty of the graphic is in the eye of the beholder, you really need to know the beholder of your presentations your audience As you research your audience to determine how to focus your presentation across the rst ve slides of Act I, you also want to nd out as much as you can about their aesthetic preferences as well If you ve been in a particular profession or industry for a while, you probably already have a sense for what is perceived as acceptable aesthetics For example, if you re presenting to corporate executives, you ll take your aesthetic cues from a company s marketing materials, annual report, and of ce environment.

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